Vallum kicks off its new blog with great enthusiasm and hopes that you will submit comments, interests, amazing thoughts to Letters to the Editors, where from we will post items on the blog from time to time. Vallum is looking forward to the fall/winter issue on the theme of Children. We’ve received tons of material, making the selection process fierce. We also have a poetry contest for children going on. It’s not too late to submit. We’ve extended the deadline to June 30, 2008. 


Summer is just around the corner, which brings its own kind of sunny poetics along with it. Or not. When is it the right time to write poetry? I am thinking of the “poetic” short story by Hemingway, “Hills Like White Elephants,” and thinking how it was stretched by the sun’s landscape. Do we write differently during different seasons? I think so. Tempered by “moodiness,” surely what we write relates to the kind of weather out there.

Does rain bring introspection? Britain may think so.


What to write in the summer? I, for one, am picking up my pen (when I am at a café and not at my computer!) and penning some summer lines. I have been in a hiatus for the past year, writing only seldom and with not too much energy, but I feel “The Mood” coming on again. I recently bought John Ashbery’s new collection, A Worldly Country, and plan to be inspired. (More on Ashbery later…). I am up for some experimental, crisp lines about life and love. Hopefully, I will be able to find a café that is conducive to writing. I miss my old artsy neighbourhood in Mile End, where comfy cafés abounded. I’m also looking forward to summer poetry readings, which I will try to attend faithfully.


Is summer a time for poetry? Maybe it is a time for experiencing poetry in the season, the air, the jazz and other fringe festivals of Montreal. Maybe we will store up these memories and experiences and write about them later on, once our minds and bodies have truly absorbed them. Hmm. Whatever your plans are, keep thinking poetry!