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Friday the 13th [where’s a pipe organ when you need one?]

Fresh from an intensive three-day blitz at Toronto’s MagNet magazine conference, where I learned that circulation is akin to doctrine and that free coffee, despite flowing forth from gilded dispensers, can still taste like salty chalk, I take some time to reflect on the past week. From the first moments when Jane and I boarded the 6:45 a.m. (read: inhumanely early) train, we were off on a journey of information, education and networking. The Big Time… big time. Learning how to elegantly schmooze while concealing sleep deprivation, I found myself plunged into a fascinating world of fellow small mag publishers, impressively polished literary mag-nates and everyone in between who has a vision that can be translated to print format and disseminated to the reading public. Admittedly it was a fantastic opportunity and despite the frenetic pace I threw myself into sponge mode, the extra absorbent variety. Particularly motivating sessions included a discussion of survey techniques (who’s out there?), the golden circulation crash course, and a stimulating discussion of Web 2.0 with Wayne MacPhail, my new hero in social networking. Now back in Montreal headquarters, armed with this knowledge and a fresh shot of caffeine (office-brewed, unsalted), I’m carpe-ing the diem (with apologies to Cicero) and putting fingers to keyboard. So here it is, my first Vallum blog, a wonderful opportunity to avoid tedious paperwork but more importantly to get creative and bare the Vallum soul just a little, to you, the valued reader, who has been kind enough to hang on to the end of this paragraph. I’m excited for what lies ahead for the team and to have this new link to the great beyond. I’d love to keep the dialogue open and have you share our world. It’s a pretty good world, truth be told. An honest world. Our trusty old Smart Brew may be stained and worn, but boy, does it ever make a good cup of coffee.

Long story short…

Currently giving me butterflies:

The pending publication of my first book (*gulp*) complete with ISBN, new book smell and a photo of the author (note to self: find a kind photographer).

Currently giving me the willies:

Bill C-61. Once upon a time, Margaret Mead said, “I was brought up to believe that the only thing worth doing was to add to the sum of accurate information in the world.” Where will government allow that information to go (or not)? I wonder… *furrows brow*

Special salutations: All new friends from the Small Press Fair this past Saturday, a lovely way to wrap up the Toronto journey.