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So, we’re back again with the link of the week.  May we direct you to Bibliolatry: http://bookworship.blogspot.com.

Why do we like this blog?

1. She says that reading is essential to living a good life.  She ain’t going to get any arguments here.

2. She says what she thinks.  Honesty is always refreshing in this wishy-washy world.

3. She reads prose and poetry.  Yup.  People read both.  Amazing, I know.

In other news, I would like to congratulate the Poetry Foundation for finally adding Babette Deutsch (along with longtime Vallum favourite John Kinsella) to their online database.   In their article on her, Poetry recalls an old NYT Book Review critic explaining that “Her poems show talent, feeling, and integrity rather than genius.”  

Personally, her lack of genius is a-okay with me, because poems without feeling or integrity live on a very desolate island indeed.  I recommend particularly “It Is There”.

Also worth reading (in a more controversial slant) is the Harriet blog post on Why are poets aligned with the left?