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Newsflash: The latest celebrity sightings are not on a Miami beach, a New York supper club or even a Hollywood boulevard. All you need to catch a glimpse of stardom is look behind the dusty desk of a poetry press to find the hottest thing going. Yes, our heads are swelling bigger than our logo’s on account of our SECOND radio appearance in as many weeks. Details as follows:

This Friday, July 25th, you can catch Jane Hope (Vallum’s beloved managing editor) being interviewed by poet extraordinaire Jeffrey Mackie on Montreal’s CKUT radio at the bright, fresh hour of 7am.  On her birthday, no less.

Drew proclaims: “You’re going to propel us into fame and fortune!”

Maja shouts: “It’s a radio revolution!”

What better way to rise ‘n shine than to listen this Friday at 7am to CKUT? Find them on 90.3FM in Montreal, 91.7 on cable, or tune in online: http://ckut.ca/listen.php

Set your coffee makers, listeners!

EDIT: For those into specifics, Jane will be on at 7:20 or so.