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So, the usual Friday link of the week is coming to you on Monday, because we’re organized like that.  Also, Vallum had our first Cafe/Culture reading Saturday (what – you already knew?) and well, I was writing cover copy and press releases on Saturday, and our printer is still earning the wrath of Vallum.

This spotlight is directed towards Eyewear, Todd Swift’s blogzine to be located at http://toddswift.blogspot.com.

The Affection:

1.  With titles like “Bad Brideshead, or Arcadia Fire” and “Reports of Poetry’s Health are Greatly Exaggerated”, it’s at least snappy.

2. Blogs on diverse subject matter.  Blogs prolifically.  Blogs in lengthy, well thought out entries.  (We’re taking notes).

3. Eyewear’s Credo: An ethical sympathy in an artist is an unpardonable mannerism of style. – Oscar Wilde.  But of course.