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Well, hope everyone is enjoying their summer –  here in Montreal, we at Vallum are just trying to dry out.  Seriously – I’m training for a half-marathon, and I am mostly to be seen these days on the streets of Montreal, soaked to the skin as my fellow Montrealais stare at me with a mixture of pity, confusion and shock.

Link of the Week, which is a lazy choice: http://marksarvas.blogs.com/elegvar/ – or, to give it it’s Christian name – The Elegant Variation.

We like because:

1. It has a great selection of recommended reading – which is what I am looking for right now (seriously!  Email me a bone here!)

2. NPR has said he was “really brave…or really stupid,” and he had the stones to put that in his cover banner.

3. He lists Graywolf Press among his worthy presses, which published The Descent, among other worthy titles, and that makes me happy and benevolent.