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Last week Montreal was graced by the return of one of its most talented, insightful, articulate and prolific writers: Peter Dale Scott. Having long since taken up residence at Berkeley, Professor Scott was very pleased to be back to his home of “half a century ago”, as he described.

Montreal was certainly receptive during last Thursday’s poetry reading hosted by the Atwater Poetry Project, as well as Friday’s lecture on “Deep Politics” at McGill University (Scott’s alma mater) presented by the Centre for Research on Globalization. Indeed here is a person who blends the best of poetry and politics, wrapping his stanzas around some of the most thought-provoking issues facing society today.

For those who were unable to attend last week’s events or those who would like to revisit them, Peter Dale Scott’s website contains selected writings as well as links to his CV and publications. We are proud to present him as Vallum’s Link of the Week.