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It’s the day before Halloween! Whether you call it Mischief Night or Devil’s Night, you’re probably either frantically putting together a costume for tomorrow using cheese cloth and toothpicks or buying a large quantity of toilet paper and eggs. Whatever you’re doing, take a moment to enjoy these Halloween inspired Haiku by Vallum workers Maja Romano and Drew McKevitt:

Sweet tricks: tissue, eggs.

Lights inside flick on. Scramble

quickly little feet!


What kind of trick is

this? Raisins are not candy!

Don’t knock on that door.


I’m tall for my age,

maybe wearing platform shoes…

Just give me candy.


Sweating in my mask

as I drag my burden home;

candy feast awaits.


Delicious and bright:

Jack carved lanterns from turnips.

Safe pumpkins tonight.


We will share a cold,

dark interior, ignore

requests at the door.


Fat Jack O’ Lantern

glowing brightly on my stoop.

Hallowe’en is nigh.


Happy Halloween everyone!!