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Okay, first of all, I was late.  And that door banging shut behind me was real loud.  I’m sorry, but schlepping in from St-Henri in a snowstorm is…no real excuse at all when you are taking the metro.

I was in time, however, to catch Larissa  Andrusyshyn amongst other talented Concordia graduate students read a selection of their poems.  They were presented by Stephanie Bolster, and they all presented richly textured poetry that made me forget my wet feet.  Blizzarts was kind of eerie due to the focused silence that seemed to revolve around the microphone.  I particularly enjoyed the work of Ksenija Spasic and her travelogue of poetry.

Standout memories from the night:

– Monty Reid’s descriptions of parasites that were both revolting and revealing

– rob mclennan’s attempt to win over the crowd by promoting the Ottawa Senators

– Jon Paul Fiorentino dancing like a flamingo (a direct side effect of Reid’s poetic and parasitic reading, I will explain, not in any way implying that Fiorentino can’t dance)

Anyways – kudos to Matrix and I promise, I’ll show up again.