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For once, I won’t be using the word “chill” in reference to my daily trek to the post office (if we seem not to be answering our mail, I froze to the sidewalk on the way over. I’ll get to it when spring has sprung).

Vallum hosted our third Cafe/Culture, and we seem to be getting the knack for it. Larissa, Sherwin and Bryan all melded together brilliantly, and provided a logical progression to the evening.

Sherwin read us a chapter from his novel, alongside some poetry. Bryan meditated on winter depression and the joy of self-medication. Larissa read a selection of works in progress, commenting on the number of kidney transplants she has seen.

We continue to be motivated by the turnout and the warm reception granted to us by the Arts Cafe. I am getting less nervous about renting speakers. We are becoming resigned to the fact that the weather never cooperates (first we were seared in the heat, then rained out and now cold and snowy). At least in January we were more prepared.

Cheers all – we will head out again in the spring.