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One of my favourite poets is Robert Creeley (1926-2005). Now, in the midst of winter, I am reading his collected poems and marvelling at the apparent ease with which this master poet spills out depth and beauty onto the page. Creeley’s poem “Winter” resonates with truths we all know about winter on this side of the world:

Snow lifts it
by slowing

the movement expected,
makes walking

slower, harder,
makes face ache,

eyes blur, hands fumble,
makes the day explicit,

the night quiet,
the outside more so

and the inside glow
with warmth, with people

if you’re lucky, if
world’s good to you,

won’t so simply
kill you, freeze you.

(The Collected Poems of Robert Creeley1975 – 2005)

I thought this poem would bring some warmth to us, with its brevity and yet with its thoughtfulness. It brings the details of winter out, and makes the special moments with people, in a café even, resonate in our minds. Yes, if we are lucky and the “world’s good to us” we’ll have some warmth this winter.