We have received several requests that we accept poetry by electronic means, usually through email.  We are, however, sticking to our policy of “no poetry by email”.  

I’m going to tell you why.

Vallum is very much a fan of email.  Really.  We are not some kind of Luddite conspirators who desperately want you to subsidize the postal service.   For our other segments, we are happy to accept things through our online submission engine.  For poetry, our slush pile is such a size that we read every submission on paper for the sake of our eyes.  We get submissions numbering in the thousands each time we have a reading period, and lots more when that window is shut.   Email submissions would have to be printed out, and have the additional headache of multiple formats.  The costs and logistics are too much for this small mag to handle.

We thank you for your understanding – and for all your hard copy submissions.