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Vallum invites all readers to participate in our found poetry challenge!




Vallum introduces the 2010 TENwordTENday Poetry Invitational, a new contest inspired by our current issue “Renegades” and our upcoming issue “Futures,” which will include a section of Found / Overheard poetry.

Combining the art of found poetry with a time challenge, the 2010 TENwordTENday Poetry Invitational is an exciting contest we hope will inspire Vallum readers.


At midnight on November 8th, Vallum’s editors will post ten words found in the poetry featured in “Renegades.” Entrants will then have ten days to create a poem using all ten words provided. Submissions may be of any poetic style and may feature the given words in any order. Entrants may submit one poem of no more than 20 lines in length and should not alter the tense of the given words in their poem. The winner will receive a chapbook of their choice from the Vallum Chapbook Series and be featured on the Vallum blog and in the next edition of Vallum Memo.

If you’re interested in participating, check back on November 8th for the contest words.