This is just an assembly of thoughts, a mediation on the unhappiness of the world.

with the start                                                                                                               of a thought my                                                                                                           only understanding                                                                                                     full of bits                                                                                                                     i i want no answer

Listening to Depeche Mode or reading my semblable, Robert Creeley. I am old enough to remember a different time. It wasn’t always so cold and death-like. People saw each other in mirrors, reflections of themselves, not hateful opposites. This digital world, the spread of thought, wrong-headed thought. Corporate disease and greed. What does it all yield?

no answer because                                                                                                       the question is not under-                                                                                             stood, like                                                                                                                     i want the dream, not                                                                                                   the emptiness

Is there anything. Happiness in some youthful souls. I envy this ability, and cultivate it in my own way. Too much argument and litigation. Too much gossip. There was a time… Before…

word and world eclipsed