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Symon Jory Setevens-Guille

Video by Marc di Saverio.



Struck flint flails; flutters of rouge reef tremble
in plume pillows;
sun-gauzed grapes, bevy-burst brail erupting
as globic grails.
Breeze deflates breath through the fern-born fifes, as
buds brim with petal pause, bloombasting peels
of a sun swooned
pollen, lung puffed
from tongue torrents, sap sputtering.


Poet Symon Jory

Symon Jory Setevens-Guille lives, or has lived depending when this appears, in Montreal. Symon studied linguistics and philosophy at McGill and will study linguistics to a further extent somewhere else next year. Symon’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Antigonish Review, The New Quarterly, Vallum; interviews with more interesting people have appeared in print and online in The New Quarterly.

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