We are offering a chance to enter the Vallum Award for Poetry 2015 contest for FREE! The catch is you have to be the first person to guess the title and author of the secret poem.

How it works:

Every week we will add one letter and give a clue to help solve the poem. Once you think you know the title and the author, email the answer to info@vallummag.com. Be careful, you only get one guess, so use it wisely! The secret poem will be revealed one week before the contest deadline.


Clue: This poet is mostly a modernist and this poem might make a marvelous map of the moon.
Letter of the Week: M


___A_ _AE_E_E_

A s___e_ ____fe_
___a__e __ _______p_a

__ s_me s_m_am______s
__ a___es____ _____s
__ sa_____a_ __ape__es

Pe__s __ ___e__
___ p_s__m___s pa__e__es

_e______s A_e__es
____ __e __a__e__e_ ____s
__ __f_s___a
_____ P_a__a_’s __m_s___es

__ me_____a_ ___ms_a_s
_____s _as_s
__ f_____e_ p__sp_____s

__e e_e-____e s__-_____
____e-_____ __s_____
__ ___a_ __s_s

S_e__e_____ s___s
“____ s___s __ S_a__a_”
“____a_ _a____se_”

__ e_s_a___ __s_
a__ as_es _____
f___ _a______a____ ___a_e_s
__ s_a__e_e_ __ass
____ e_a__a_e __a_e_s

A f____ __ __eams
___se __ _e___p___s

F__m __e s___es
__ ____ __ea_s
__ __e ______e_ ___e__

____-e_e_ __a__s__es
a__ _____________s
___ f_____
__ E__s __s__e_e

A__ “_mm___a____”
m___e_s …
__ ___ m__e_ms __ ___ m___

“_______a_ _____ps”
“___s___ ________e”

P___e_ ____ pe_s__f__a____
__e f_ss__ ______ __ ___ s__es
_a_es a__ _a_es

DEADLINE for the Secret Poem Word Game:
July 2nd, 2015

DEADLINE for the Vallum Award for Poetry: July 15th, 2015