“While I was in this condition, the desire to write some poetry came to me, so I wrote this sonnet which begins: ‘All my thoughts’.

All my thoughts are telling me of Love;
they have in them such great diversity
that one thought makes me welcome all his power,
another thinks Love’s power is insane,
another makes me hope and brings delight,
another moves me oftentimes to tears.
Only in begging pity all agree,
and tremble as they do with fearful heart.
Now I know not from which to take my cue;
I want to speak but know not what to say.
Thus do I wander in a maze of Love!
And if I want to harmonize these thoughts,
to do so I must call upon my foe,
by asking Lady Pity for defence.”

Dante Alighieri, Vita Nuova.    b. 1265