Boethius wrote about the Wheel of Fortune and how it’s not wise to build a house on the edge of a cliff for one never knows what turn his or her fortune will take. We know very little in life, but what we do know is that things change. One minute someone is in the depths of despair, another is sick. Then there is a sudden turn of the wheel and one is moving upwards again. So it has been proven throughout time.

Being happy is difficult today. But as the ancients said, happiness is the goal of life. Being in love is also difficult, with its attending insecurity, shyness and, I guess, madness (also as the ancients would say). But if there is a spark and hope for happiness then life becomes meaningful. And as long as the Wheel does not come down too quickly, for it is inevitable that it will come down at some point, we can enjoy our brief moments of joy. And especially, love.