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Poet Christine Walde

Christine Walde – Bök’s Christian Tongue


Bök’s Christian Tongue

laps the black milk of Kali
aloft soft licks of math maps
silk as the clasp of the asp
kisses the clit mast ballast
katabatic as Kafka
at kitsch alps of a kelp sea
to battle the bleak kasbah
till alas at last a speck
as cleft as a moth’s kill mask
slips kaboom past foible splats
as peaks of sheath faith falls slack
to the sick feasts of left slaps
that tickles the sloth to pass
the kite to the koala
as fast as his poems kick
ass loathe of fake kismet shit
split at sick seams of lisp spit
to loom afloat coma beat
as soothe a kook komodo
to face the seat of kalpa
to speak to fable Kama
as i lies back to take a
lit tip flick attack of bliss
that stop makes me shake with o
the spell of a spaceless place
the blast of a batik lace
stealth as a koi thief as he
laps the black milk of Kali


Christine Walde is a poet and librarian living in Victoria, BC. She has been published in print and online journals in both Canada and the US, including Branch, Carousel, The Fiddlehead, LemonhoundThe Malahat Review, Plath Profiles,The Rusty Toque, and Vallum, among others. In 2011, Baseline Press published The Black Car, a chapbook based on her work with Sylvia Plath’s archive. More recently, in 2014, her digital chapbook Noise and Silence was selected by Poetry is Dead editor Daniel Zomparelli as part of 16 Pages. Her last novel, Burning From The Inside, was nominated for a 2014 ReLit Award.


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