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Dane Swan, poet, at a reading.

Dane Swan – The Irrelevant Age


The Irrelevant Age

In a world of hover-cars and space tourism
our last literary imprint
shall be                        the emoticon –
elementary students
learning the difference
between colon open parentheses
and colon close parentheses.

Yeats, Shakespeare, Frost
still around
…works of this generation’s authors

Academics shall blame
Google Books ® for our generation’s demise
(the answer remains the same).

The answer remains the same
(k)no(w) matter how many times
you multiply zero.

The irrelevant age.

Lingo nonsensical.
Great works temporary.
Pivotal art lost on crashed hard drives,
degrading digital formats
as the floppy disk gives way
to the newest.

Generations later
the current technology
remains what it is
seconds after purchase:

an antique door stop.
Its treasures permanently locked

The Bermuda born, Jamaican heritage, and Toronto based Dane Swan is a past Writer in Residence for Open Book Toronto. Dane has also been short listed for the Monica Ladell Award. His first book, “Bending the Continuum,” (Guernica Editions, 2011) was a mid-summer recommended read by Open Book Toronto. Dane’s second book, “A Mingus Lullaby,” (Guernica Editions) which is in resonance with, and inspired by the life and music of Charles Mingus, is slated for a Fall 2015 launch.

Mr. Swan’s poetry has been taught in schools and has been published in France, the UK, Bahamas, and Canada. His spoken-word work can be found in solo projects and collaborations available on CD, vinyl and MP3. He has read alongside numerous literary luminaries including Goran Sumic, Priscila Uppal, Giana Patriarca, and spoken-word stars including Shayne Koyczan, Dwayne Morgan, and Lillian Allen.

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