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Fan Fiction



Why didn’t Dumbledore do more
as the trains glided into Auschwitz?

Was he honestly too busy in his own affairs
to redirect the train tracks, turn
the showers into the safe rooms of a forest,
the chimneys into towering oak?


A Tense Press Conference

What’s the Ministry of Magic’s
position on nuclear proliferation,
on off-shore drilling, on deforestation?

Does the Minister intend to keep
their commitments agreed to
in the Kyoto protocol?

Does the Wizengamut acknowledge
the existential threat of shale gas


Hopefully it’s only a matter of time
before Hermione gives some serious thought
to where the food on her plate comes from.


Even Voldemort, safe in the knowledge
of his horcruxes, anchors
on his life’s tenuous web, even he

should give heed to the remaining
untouched places on the earth,
those hedges against our ignorance,
horcruxes of a different breed,

that, once gone, no amount of will
could magic back to save us.

Aaron Kreuter is a writer of fiction and poetry currently based in Toronto, where he is pursuing a PhD in English literature at York University. His first poetry collection, Arguments For Lawn Chairs, is forthcoming from Guernica Editions. “Fan Fiction” was included in the Best Canadian Poetry 2014 anthology. Learn more at his website aaronkreuter.com.

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