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All Is Lost in the Blink of an Eye

Once spaceships were built that could fly faster than the speed of light, a day on board would be equivalent to a year on Earth.
-Stephen Hawking

My body is an earthquake. Tremors
and muscle spasms interrogate
the forbidden fruit. Circular weight
shift onto the commode minutes
before the phone rings. I have no
one to blame but myself. Wiping
away the evidence is inconsequential.
The old girl claimed the bedroom was
her favourite place. Housekeepers
make the strangest roommates. Life
savings lost in the blink of an eye.
Lightning strikes in the distance
followed by thunder and the doorbell
rings. The deliveryman acts on instinct
claiming not to be a hero. He felt she
looked scared. It was simply time to act.
Prescriptions needed to be filled.
Thats because according to Einstein as
objects accelerate through space time slows
down around them. Violating the fundamental
rule that cause comes before effect.

(Posted in memory of the wonderful poet Darryl Salach.)


Darryl Salach‘s work has been published in many journals, anthologies, and newspapers, including the Globe and Mail, The New York Quarterly, ditch, The Puritan, Open Book Toronto, GULCH: An Assemblage of Poetry and Prose, MESS: The Hospital Anthology and Jack Layton: Art in Action.

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