Escape into this unfoiled plan

There is a possible flight possibly

Not yet arrested


And the redness of a wrong choice

Can smother you

but the plan, the plan…


It is there like a loon on a lake

The great coming and going of the eagle

The going away of hate


How did we find each other?

the odds are astronomical





Yesterday I followed myself out of the room

But I did not look for marks

Or signs that I had been present in

The previous room


The walking is so circular

I like the silence of my inner rays

And there is so much smudge and effortlessness

And despair


In those downtown streets

They are too painful

It is too painful to follow the crowd

People hurt you just by looking




When did I become an addict

So sparse my touch but the drink

Is stronger than complete ivresse

And the French is a toss of the head

A spit on the ground, a lighting

Of a cigarette


But your subtle perfume is for foxes

To follow, or other subtler animals

I live by your code


And even when the window seems shut

It is never quite shut, not all the way,

Mon amour




‘Me and you’

I know that is improper grammar

But it is what I mean to say

‘You and me’


Not ‘you and I’

My language can feel sharp claws

Hidden claws

Invisible claws


And the words like jumpin’

Into the frying pan, stirred and shaken

My mind finds you all over

And over again


Like the sweetness of sugar


(Which is also frowned upon)




You are like the wish headed somewhere

Conquering the isles of time

Scattered here and there, tied up

By knots


Knots of eternity

Because all time joins and secures

It is our dim light that makes

It an enemy


And the thoughts of you still come

Longer than is possible

Because all we have is endlessness

And will it still count as seconds

When we are older, uglier and eventually dead?



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 (c) Eleni Zisimatos, 2016