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Phantom Bus

Now that its existence has been questioned
it no longer comes.
Two of us rode it, another
has seen it pass
but it has lost its place
on the guide to services.

It roams imaginary maps
with its phantom driver
routes of its own devising
shining its lights
into towns and villages
beyond the brightly-coloured borders
of its world.

Some dark evening in winter
not too long from now,
you’ll be unloading your car
of its no-name cargo
when you’ll glimpse
the last passengers boarding:
postmistress, cobbler,
and finally, the village butcher
smoothing his hair,
stepping up with his change.


Rhona McAdam‘s poetry has been published in magazines and anthologies in Canada, the US and England since the 1980s. Her most recent book is nonfiction, Digging the City (RMB, 2012) and her sixth full-length poetry collection, Ex-ville, was published by Oolichan in Fall 2014. She lives in Victoria.

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