rob mclennan’s book, The Uncertainty Principle, is a notable collection of short meditations on various themes. My favourite literary form—shorts, not quite poetry and not quite long enough to be full-fledged prose—his words resonate with a tone that is reflective and not cynical. I call them meditations because they contain philosophy. They affect you. And they are definitely reflective of ‘uncertainty’ in the sense of it being the world’s basic, unstable building-block. This book comes from deep engagement with the living and not just surface gloss.

“I prefer the theory that time is a single point, as
opposed to a linear trajectory. Every moment
ever happened or will sharing this, from the
War of 1812 to the moon landing to the chaos
in Egypt to the birth of my grandfather to the
creation of Stonehenge to my fingers brushing
up against your face for the first time.”

This is the first time I read mclennan’s prose, and I must say it is very different from his poetry, and definitely worth reading. The gaps and breaths of thought and solid word-choice make this book a literary achievement.

“If you don’t eat your cookie, your fortune can’t happen.”

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