Alessio Zanelli


Winter Crumbs

Struggling uphill,
as if tens of miles had been squeezed
into my legs while sleeping,
and stones of toxins injected in my veins.

Loosely savoring
what remains of winter,
already longing for the next,
and fearing for the wyvern in between.

As unyielding as black ice,
trying to sight the shiny white of summits
past the lying two-realm queen,
but cutting sunbeams are all that makes it through.

Ruefully aware
I’ll have to bend regardless,
to drop my arms
despite my faith.

Another chilly bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée
would help me forget,
and keep the fire tongue at bay
until the General’s troops are back.

I’ll be weathering the waves
like a snowflake in a heatproof bubble,
like a stalwart wizard in a spell.
Diamond dust over hell.

Alessio Zanelli, an Italian, writes poetry in English and his work has appeared in about 130 magazines from 12 countries. He is the poetry editor of Private Photo Review and the Italian Stanza Representative for the Poetry Society of London. His fourth collection, Over Misty Plains, will be published in the UK in early 2012.

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