How It Ends

I think of my uncle Aby,
Him bad with women,
felled by domestic spats,
had a stroke and babbled sound.

What’s left to do? Hey, be
irony’s companion,
turn your sharps to flats,
act like a mangy hound

when she leaves and maybe
by deferral you can spin
a barbarous congrats,
and be by nature crowned.

So this is what I’ll say: “Me
unlettered beast, of bastard kin.
Me grammar not so good.” That’s
why rifts and rows abound.

And: “Me have the rabie.
Me can’t win.
Me upside-down like bats.
Me run into the ground.”

Well, it’s how we may see
the act of deprecation,
last resort of eroticrats
who lose what they have found.

David Solway is a poet, essayist and songwriter/singer living in Lansdowne, Ontario. His latest volume of poetry is Installations (Signal Editions, 2015) and his most recent prose publication is Reflections on Music, Poetry & Politics (Shomron Press, 2016). A CD of  original songs Blood Guitar appeared in 2014. A regular contributor to American political sites such as PJ Media, American Thinker, FrontPage Magazine and WorldNetDaily, he is currently working on a collection of political essays called Crossing Jordan.

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