Sonnet by a Forgotten Twix Wrapper

Petalled and split, our foil innards reflect
the ants who excavate for final crumbs.
In nightmares we remember thumb & index
vice grips — reeking Bud Light, sex,
and subway poles. Conjoinèd sleepers shrouded
in the TV’s halo: champing on the parted
biscuits, (lovey on their sugar rush), evolving
such efficient jaws. Do their impatient tongues
perceive our frigid factory floors, conveyor
belts, and pitch-black crates that cross
the ocean? Did they taste the cocoa’s dreams
between their lustred teeth? Now we soliloquize,
though prey to seagull beaks, and sunbathe on
the asphalt when the maelstroms grant us mercy.

YUSUF SAADI’s writing has appeared in magazines including The Malahat Review, Grain, Prairie Fire, PRISM, and Vallum. He also won The Malahat Review’s 2016 Far Horizons Poetry Award. He recently completed his MA at the University of Victoria.

Of this poem, Word Music Blog wrote:

“Other poems have a wonderful sense of play as they meld formal tradition with easy casualness, the high with the low. There’s a sonnet to a “Forgotten Twix Wrapper” which, ironically, sounds the most Shakespearean, and one to sound that reminds us that Chopin, a child’s screams, and a flushing toilet are all perceived with the same sense.”

Yusuf Saadi was the winner of Vallum’s 2016 Chapbook Award! To view guidelines on how to submit your work to the 2017 Vallum Chapbook Award, click here.

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