The poetry you’ve long forgotten, the window of isolation
Going into narrow spaces, my words written in tears
Not understood by a hardened heart

You were never near, you are hard
I misunderstood, and your rejection of my rejection…
Only my small space does not involve the world.
I tried for a moment to be famous, to “connect”
But this is only something you can do, and you do it well.

It is not another lover that I was torn about.
It was only the thought that one day I would slip, all alone, in my tub
Or that I would fall dead down the stairs
And nobody would know. it was a fear of perpetual loss.

The things I said were true. You scoff in your fancy pants
And can only act cool, because this is all you are now
Such a sense of justice.

I am glad you are the judge you always wanted to be, and it seems
You have tried many cases, and your hate towards me is the flip side
Of the love you never truly trusted or believed in.

e. zisimatos

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