A Philosophy Lesson

When I was young I took a college class
In philosophy. Another student
Said she thought that people were not selfish.
I said suppose her father was a golfer.
I said suppose for Christmas she had planned
To give her dad a club. And then suppose
He received the club from someone else.
Would she be as happy? He would have
The club although it had not come from her.
I was very dumb. The teacher told
Us all to write a paper. How we thought
Children should be educated. He
Said this paper would not get a grade.
I gave him my opinions. And he wrote
That clearly I knew nothing about children.
Then I dropped the class. But I withdrew
Properly. There should have been no grade.
I later found that he had given me
An F for the semester. So I had
A lesson about life. Philosophy.
But I learned nothing. I went on believing
In the goodness and the honesty of men.

Joseph Hart began trying to write poems after reading “The Highwayman”.  But it wasn’t until he found Keats that he actually tried to do something.  His favorite poets are Keats, Millay and Brooke.  He has a BA, but didn’t finish a Masters.

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