Lynn Tait


Navigation Blues

We are travelling by car to Arizona,
land of adobe and mobile homes, trailer parks,
and the retired – a drier version of Florida.

I am in charge of maps, and Sally, our GPS.
For entertainment value alone, she and I
are worth our weight in gold;
we ham it up occasionally, much to the chagrin
of my spouse; for information –we are ignored.
Even though I mirror her instructions verbatim,
maps and satellite supporting our directional decisions,
my husband chooses his own roads, and regrets it.

I threaten to change her sexy, but fake British voice.
A masculine tone might add a sense of credibility
lacking in Sally’s sensual requests: keep left,
exit in 200 metres,
make a u-turn when possible.

How did we survive without devices
programmed with voices and real-time
calculations? Soon we’ll be instructed
when to pull over for a quickie,
or Warning! It’s time to pee, before
you’ve reached your destination
. With a slight
menu change, a digital stencil of tiny beds
can guide you to your next sexual exploit.

All across the continent, placards placed
near exit ramps use the same icons:
beds, gas pumps, knives and forks;
yet in spite of actual signs,
my demands, and Sally’s I’m-soaking-
in-butterscotch-what-about-you accent,
hubby still misses the turn-off.

He surrenders, finally,
puts his fate in our hands;
but within the hour, this promise
has lapsed into déjà vu;
Sally is recalculating,
and I am St. Lynn of the Perpetual Sigh.

Lynn Tait is a Toronto-born award-winning poet and photographer, residing in Sarnia, Ontario. She has published poetry in major poetry magazines, journals, including, Contemporary Verse 2, FreeFall, Windsor Review, The Literary Review of Canada and in over 90 anthologies. Her photography/digital images have appeared on the covers of seven poetry books. She is a member of The Ontario Poetry Society and the League of Canadian Poets.

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