Su Croll author photo

“the consolation of trees”

with much taken away    it is a small mercy
dementia patients have trees   their remaining
presence ceaselessly focusing the horizon

a horizon offering nothing that isn’t
in the present tense but with much
already lost    maybe it is luck to have trees

opulent    flooding the sky

in dementia   the mind is held in thrall
to trees   the late summer soothing
movement the wind makes of them

that hypnotic amazement and with much already
stolen   already forgotten   there is the consolation
of trees filling the mind   the sky ceaselessly

remade into a gift


“the consolation of trees” is from a manuscript of commemorative poems for Su Croll’s  father called Someday which is currently seeking publication. Recently, another poem from this manuscript, “side track”, was short-listed for Arc Poetry Magazine’s Poem of the Year Award. In 2015, a short sequence from Someday was long-listed for the CBC Poetry Prize. Su Croll has published two other collections: Worlda Mirth and Blood Mother, and completed a novel, Image Hungry, which is also seeking publication. To find out more, visit


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