Our sentence is up.

Grant Morrison, The Invisibles

This is a working prototype

of 4D printing—printing in the fourth

dimension. Printing spacetime. Writing

in the past so               Future You

   can hold it in your hand.

We asked for spacetime as filament,

like ABS or PLA extruded to

anywhere, anywhen.

We said: Get on it, science!

We said: Get on it, magick!

See who gets there first.

Instead we have ink.

It’s the accidental happenstance

of the universe            poking through.

God from the machine.

Printing an object, an idea,

where and when you want it

is a little           far off,             but this is a start.

The best evidence we have against

time travel, against printing in            4D,

is that we are still here,

that time and memory and ideas

and people       still exist, that we

haven’t written ourselves

out of the past.


Ricki Cummings is writer currently living in Chicago. Their work has been published in Vallum, Calibanonline, Solstice Literary Magazine, and Columbia Poetry Review, and has been shortlisted for Vallum’s Award for Poetry. They have just received their MFA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.

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