Recap by: Celia Caldwell

The evening of ELAN Quebec’s Annual General Meeting was not only a celebration of the Arts community within Montreal, but rather, it denoted the brilliant diverse, creative work being generated from across all of Quebec. Live music, dance routines and comedy skits were presented by ELAN members as Hundreds of artists from across the province gathered in Theatre Rialto, to congratulate the organization on their 15th Anniversary.

As stated on ELAN’s website, “Since its foundation in 2004, the English Language Arts Network (ELAN) has served as a platform for thousands of English-language artists of all disciplines from across Quebec to share expertise and resources, build audiences and alliances, seek support, and make common cause with the Francophone arts community.”  

During the 15th Anniversary party, the muffling sound of ambiguous chatter, pecks on cheeks and the clinking of wine glasses echoed throughout the Theatre. A sense of community and warmth hung in the air as Artist’s from different backgrounds and disciplines mingled with one another. MC Jimmy Blais amused the crowd with his witty sense of humor and charismatic attitude as he introduced the performers.

As ELAN members and friends settled into their velvet seats with loaded dinner plates, they were astounded to see the drumline, Urban Science, consisting of five musicians, weave their way through the crowd. The Urban Science members wore vibrant coloured suits and sunglasses which complimented their enthusiastic energy.

Several modern dancers scurried across the stage as they performed of Andrea Peña’s “6.58 Manifesto.”

In-between each performance, ELAN played a collection of video clips that featured members and friends reminiscing over their favourite memories of ELAN. Quebec Writers Federation’s Executive Director, Lori Schubert spoke of passed collaborations and literary events.

The evening ended on a wonderful note, as the performers and audience thanked ELAN for all of their fantastic work. The Arts community within Quebec is a remarkable space, and we are extremely grateful for organizations like ELAN, who see the Arts as an essential part of Quebec’s identity.


For upcoming ELAN events, check out their website.

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