My Wife Teaches Me to Dance

When you teach me to dance
I begin to notice fire
dancing with wind, a fish
with water, a car with
colours in the traffic
lights. When you teach me
to dance I begin to see
gravity dancing with a
basketball, a comedian
with a crowd’s laughter, the peanut
butter with the jam, the Moon
with the Earth, the Earth
with the Sun, the Sun
with the Universe.

Everything dancing,
dancing forevermore.

Joshua Levy grew up in Montreal, and after stops in Toronto and Lisbon, he has returned with his wife. His work has appeared in anthologies, literary journals, radio shows, podcasts, newspapers, and theatres. He is a winner of the CBC Fiction Prize, Carte Blanche/CNFC Creative Nonfiction Prize, and was shortlisted for the Montreal International Poetry Prize. He was last year’s CBC writer-in-residence. The Loudest Thing is his first book and can be viewed and purchased here.

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