La Fontaine

Leaves scud / sift / through parc at cross-posts, / like and dissimilar
trying to come together. / Through incongruous sight, maybe. /
I remembered you at the edge of the intersection, / remarking on
passers-by: / a bare shoulder in November. / Wind in broken branches. /
Clouds piercing the 90 degree angles / of church steeples they meet. /
I remembered: / leaves gafted across / the scattered earth. / Also, lamp
posts that drifted across the bulwark of trees. / Nothing was anchored
to the earth, at that point, / walking in November, / moths drifting over
an open road.

Mary Catherine Shea completed a mentorship program with Arc Poetry, in 2017; her work also recently appeared in Vallum. Until recently she lived and worked in Montreal; she now brokers various stages of cultural fermentation while travelling between Québec and Ontario.  

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