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Spaceships of Time

My conference call life
dictates when i sleep and when i eat
i watch tv and wait for skype to ring
could have been another day another week
could have been this week and today
it seems the same as i wait for another conference call
Youtube has more videos to show
Facebook has more applications to confuse me
He says the world is flat
Does he know the world is a vision?
A vision that fleets across earth
At the same time but at different times
The conference call calls again
I talk through the waves that go through space
Walking through time and space
My high-speed cable
My Toshiba laptop
Are spaceships of time.

Savera Hayat is a Calgary based international development practitioner and poet. Her poetry comes from her lived experience as a woman, an immigrant, and a traveller. Growing up in Pakistan, as the daughter of parents who were philosophers, public servants, teachers, journalists and diplomats – she enjoyed reading and connecting with the deepest soul of sufi poetry. The words of the sufis and other poets, brought solace and made sense in the most complex and complicated times. This sense of being one with others, and connections with the sublime, have stayed with Savera. Savera is married and lives with her husband, Carlo, in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). They have a cat called Felix. Both Carlo and Savera share a love of jazz, poetry and the great outdoors.

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