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What Is It


about the voices of those we love
that makes them
……….. song

Is it our cells
that sound
beyond the child’s complaint
or with the lilt of the toy’s story
that meld
the sister’s tone with the toast and jelly

that carries and unfolds the caress
that rings in the sound of voices of
those we love

What is it
about the sound of voices of those we love
how do they ring and carry
………. song
thoughtful knowing
and response

How do we do without them?

How is it that they bring us home?

Rae Marie Taylor copyMontreal-based poet and visual artist Rae Marie Taylor shares her life and work in Quebec and the American Southwest. She has authored and produced seven bilingual Spoken Word shows, most recently Songs of Solidarity/Chants d’amité en mouvance with Montreal musicians Pierre Tanguay and Diane Labrosse. In print, her poems have appeared in both English and French journals such as Vallum, La revue POSSIBLES, the on-line reviews Mitra and Françoise Stéreo, Les Écrits #146 and the anthology Femmes rapaillées. Her book of essays, The Land: Our Gift and Wild Hope, was finalist for the New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards.

vallum_17-1_cover_webThis poem was originally published in Vallum issue 17:1 Home.

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