Staff Bios

Vallum‘s Editors-in-Chief are Joshua Auerbach and Eleni Zisimatos.

Vallum‘s Managing Editor is Leigh Kotsilidis. She is a poet and visual artist based in Montreal.

 For any queries, please email:
 Vallum is located in Montreal, QC  CANADA.

2 thoughts on “Staff Bios”

  1. Wild Bill Tayloe said:


    In addition to the poetry I am sending your way, could you let me know about your essay section, and your submission requirements under this category?


    Wild Bill


  2. said:

    Hi, there — I am trying to track down Drew McKevitt. Looks like she is somehow affiliated with you guys?

    I have her old journal found in NYC. My email is If you could either give me her contact info, if you have, or forward mine on to her – would like to get her current address. I’m an artist myself and know how valuable these things are to us.
    Thanks very much. Kimberly Kersey Asbury


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