In awe and envy of the space-black fly
as its peppercorn-body bounces
              [like spitfire]
off the edges of our attic bedroom,
aware by the time it collides with
another juggernaut of drywall
it has already forgotten
the intimate pain of pavement.

Runaway punctuation
from an ill-crafted sentence,
the fly is faster than logic travels;
an oily impulse through ego’s sieve,
avoiding the hazards of pause.

It hums a petulant tune
of precipitation,

absolute presence.

Zach Pearl is an American-Canadian writer, designer and educator. Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, his work is often informed by the tensions of city living in farm country and growing up gay in the Bible Belt. Zach is also co-founder and Managing Editor of KAPSULA, a digital publication for experimental arts writing and sits on the board for Mechademia, a biannual journal for studies in Asian popular cultures. He is the 2018 winner of the Vallum Chapbook Award and his chapbook Ladybird Bug Boy was published by Vallum in November 2018.

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