About Vallum

Vallum is an established poetry magazine, featuring poetry, interviews, reviews, visual art and feature articles. Critically-acclaimed as “one of the top literary magazines in the country” (Utne Reader), Vallum is a gateway to an international poetry community.

Founded in 2000 by Joshua Auerbach and Eleni (Helen) Zisimatos, the first issue was launched at Casa del Popolo in Montreal in 2001. Joshua and Eleni are the Editors-in-Chief and the administrators of the parent charity, Vallum Society for Education in Arts & Letters (VSEAL).

Vallum has since positioned itself as an avant-garde magazine featuring some of the best poetry written today, providing a literary platform for established and emerging writers from Canada, the US and abroad. Notable past contributors include P.K. Page, Charles Simic, Andrew Motion, Franz Wright, Paul Muldoon, Stephen Dunn, Les Murray, Charles Bernstein, John Kinsella, Fanny Howe, George Elliott Clarke, Erin Mouré, Peter Redgrove, Nicole Brossard and others. The current Managing Editor of Vallum is the talented poet and designer, Leigh Kotsilidis. Our skilled magazine designer and Art Director is Thanh Pham (Pink Gorilla Design). John Kerkhoven is our Copyeditor and part-time designer.

Vallum’s poetry is edgy, engaging and provocative. In each issue, readers will find writing that pushes boundaries and invites one to the explore different worlds and perspectives.



“Poetry is a defense of the individual against all the forces arrayed against [them].”
–Charles Simic

“Vallum” (Latin orig.): A defensive fortification or rampart.

1 thought on “About Vallum”

  1. Bowering said:

    I got your letter/invitation today.

    I will say more later, okay?

    Oh, just to say or ask.

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that the magazine is based IN Montreal rather than out of it?

    Just saying.



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